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About Dr. Bruce Rind, MD

Bruce Rind M.D., is one of the leading holistic medical doctors in the Washington metropolitan area. He is certified by the American Board of Holistic Medicine and has been practicing holistic medicine since 1985.

Dr. Rind started his medical career as an anesthesiologist (Board Certified in Anesthesiology). From there he moved into pain management and finally to holistic medicine.

He has developed expertise in areas of sports medicine, endocrinology (all hormonal concerns), repair of brain injury, and women’s health. Dr. Rind has taken additional training in a variety of alternative medical therapies. Dr. Rind’s treatment approach is holistic. He completed his full osteopathic training for MD’s at Michigan State University/College of Osteopathic Medicine. He has completed a three-part British program of Cyriax techniques in orthopedic medicine. Further, Dr. Rind is an Assistant Professor at Howard University College of Medicine.

Dr. Rind’s practice focuses on:

• Sports injuries
• Orthopedic medical problems
• Osteopathy and osteopathic manipulation/mobilization
• Treatment of all pain-related problems
• Endocrine/hormonal/metabolic therapy
• Women’s Health: natural hormone balancing and breast health
• Brain function support and repair: Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Cerebral Palsy (CP) and Down Syndrome
• Vascular/circulatory therapies, which include Chelation and Relox therapies
• Oxygen therapies
• Medical nutritional therapy, which also includes nutritional intravenous therapy



Fifth Pathway, Queens Hospital Center; Queens, New York June 1977
M.D., Autonoma University of Guadalajara, Mexico June 1976
B.S., Biology, York College, The City University of New York June 1972

Postgraduate Education

Anesthesia, Nassau County Medical Center, New York June 1980
Family Practice, Mountainside Hospital, New Jersey June 1978

Board Certification

American Board of Anesthesiologists (certification #15365) April 1988
American Board of Holistic Medicine December 31, 2002

Professional Experience

Private Practice August 1989 to present
Washington, DC (moved from Maryland, April 2002)

Howard University Medical School May 1988 to present
Washington, District of Columbia
Assistant Professor

Doctors Community Hospital May 1991 to August 1991
Lanham, Maryland
Attending Physician/Department of Anesthesiology

Kaiser Permanente August 1989 to January 1991
Kensington, Maryland
Attending Physician/Department of Anesthesiology

Greater Southeast Community Hospital April 1988 to July 1989
Washington, District of Columbia
Attending Physician/Department of Anesthesiology

Jones Memorial Hospital September 1985 to March 1988
Wellsville, New York
Director/Department of Anesthesiology

Coney Island Hospital October 1982 to June 1985
Brooklyn, New York
Attending Physician/Department of Anesthesiology

Independent Research September 1981-October 1982
Results: Two U.S. Patents
1) Oral airway
2) Orthopedic cast

Saint Luke’s Hospital July 1980-September 1981
Aberdeen, South Dakota
Director/Department of Anesthesiology

Continuing Medical Education

“The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
9th Annual Congress on Anti-Aging
& Biomedical Technologies” December 13-16, 2001
Las Vegas, Nevada
19.5 hours in category 1 credits toward AMA Physician’s Recognition Award

“Internal Medicine Board Review” July 2001
American College or Physicians
-American Society of Internal Medicine
New York, New York
43.5 hours in category 1 credits toward AMA Physician’s Recognition Award

“CPT Coding for Physicians” April 2001
The Medical Management Institute
Baltimore, Maryland
6 hours in category 1 credits toward AMA Physician’s Recognition Award

“Atherosclerotic Disease: Practical Solutions December 2000
in Preventing MI and Stroke”
Scientific Exchange Inc.
3 hours in category 1 credits toward AMA Physician’s Recognition Award

“Visceral Manipulation” November 1992
West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

“Medical Acupuncture for Physicians” September 1991-March 1992
University of California, Los Angeles
200-hour course

“The Therapeutic Use of Inherent Potency” October 1992
New England College of Osteopathic Medicine

“Osteopathy in the Cranial Field” June 1992
Cranial Academy Basic Course

“Diagnosis and Injection Techniques February 1992
in Orthopedic Medicine”

“Classical Acupuncture Seminar” September 1991
M.E.D. Servi-Systems Canada, Ltd.

Regional Anesthesia Workshops April 1991

“Overview Course and Clinical Training” September 1980
American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians
65 hours in category 1 credits toward AMA Physician’s Recognition Award

“Osteopathy in the Cranial Field” June 1990
The Cranial Academy

“Myofascial Pain” March 1990
Total Management/Janet Travell, M.D.

The following courses in osteopathic manual therapy were at or under the auspices of Michigan State University School of Osteopathic Medicine:

  • "Principles of Manual Medicine" March 1989
  • "Tutorial on Level I Muscle Energy Technique" September 1989
  • "Tutorial on Direct Action Thrust Manipulative Technique" March 1990
  • "Tutorial on Level I Craniosacral Techniques" January 1989
  • "Tutorial on Joint Play Applied to the Spine & Extremities" November 1989
  • "Tutorial on Myofascial Release" October 1989
  • "Tutorial on Level II Techniques: Below the Diaphragm" July 1989
  • "Tutorial on Level II Techniques: Below the Diaphragm" September 1989
  • (Cervical & thoracic spine and upper extremities)
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